Publications 2022

Article (Scientific journals)
Quand proposer une gonadectomie chez les patientes présentant une insensibilité complète aux androgènes ?
Vereecken, Thibaut ; Parent, Anne-Simone ; Van Linthout, Christine et al.
2022In Revue Médicale de Liège, 77 (12), p. 728-732
Article (Scientific journals)
La stimulation cérébrale profonde comme traitement du trouble obsessionnel-compulsif sévère multi-résistant
Janssen, Camille; Salado, Anne-Laure ; Kaschten, Bruno et al.
2022In Revue Médicale de Liège, 77 (11), p. 649-654
Article (Scientific journals)
In FUS[1−359]‐tg mice O,S-dibenzoyl thiamine reduces muscle atrophy, decreases glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta, and normalizes the metabolome
Probert, Fay; Gorlova, Anna; Deikin, Alexei et al.
2022In Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, 156, p. 113986
Article (Scientific journals)
Recent insights into gap junction biogenesis in the cochlea
Defourny, Jean ; Thiry, Marc
2022In Developmental Dynamics
Article (Scientific journals)
Reduced Nucleotides, Thiols and O2 in Cellular Redox Balance: a Biochemist’s View
Bettendorff, Lucien
2022In Antioxidants, 11, p. 1877
Article (Scientific journals)
Glycemic Variability Patterns Strongly Correlate With Partial Remission Status in Children With Newly Diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes
Pollé, Olivier G.; Delfosse, Antoine; Martin, Manon et al.
2022In Diabetes Care, 45 (10), p. 2360-2368
Article (Scientific journals)
Neuroendocrine regulation of female aggression
De Moura Oliveira, Vinicius Elias ; Bakker, Julie
2022In Frontiers in Endocrinology, 13
Article (Scientific journals)
Myoferlin targeting triggers mitophagy and primes ferroptosis in pancreatic cancer cells
Rademaker, Gilles; Boumahd, Yasmine; Peiffer, Raphaël et al.
2022In Redox Biology, 53, p. 102324
Article (Scientific journals)
Nanobody-based retargeting of an oncolytic herpesvirus for eliminating CXCR4+ GBM cells: a proof-of-principle
Sanchez Gil, Judit; Dubois, Maxime ; Neirinckx, Virginie et al.
2022In Molecular Therapy: Oncolytics
Article (Scientific journals)
Neuroestrogens in the control of sexual behavior: Past, present, and future
Cornil, Charlotte ; Court, Lucas
2022In Current Opinion in Endocrine and Metabolic Research, 24, p. 100334
Article (Scientific journals)
Impact of temperature-induced sex reversal on behavior and sound production in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus).
Dussenne, Mélanie ; Delcourt, Johann ; Poncin, Pascal et al.
2022In Hormones and Behavior, 142, p. 105173
Article (Scientific journals)
Treatment with androgens plus estrogens cannot reverse sex differences in song and the song control nuclei in adult canaries.
Dos Santos, Ednei Barros; Ball, Gregory F; Cornil, Charlotte et al.
2022In Hormones and Behavior, 143, p. 105197
Article (Scientific journals)
Photoperiodic control of singing behavior and reproductive physiology in male Fife fancy canaries.
Chiver, Ioana ; Ball, Gregory F; LALLEMAND, François et al.
2022In Hormones and Behavior, 143, p. 105194
Article (Scientific journals)
Glioma Stem Cells in Pediatric High-Grade Gliomas: From Current Knowledge to Future Perspectives.
Da Veiga, Marc-Antoine ; Rogister, Bernard ; LOMBARD, Arnaud et al.
2022In Cancers, 14 (9), p. 2296
Article (Scientific journals)
Weight and cost of unused operating room supplies
POIRRIER, Anne-Lise ; MERTENS, Déborah ; HERMAN, Delphine et al.
2022In American Journal of Surgery
Article (Scientific journals)
Cyclin-dependent kinase 7 contributes to myelin maintenance in the adult central nervous system and promotes myelin gene expression.
Dion, Valérie; Schumacher, Nathalie; Masar, Nathalie et al.
2022In Glia
Article (Scientific journals)
Repeat resection in recurrent glioblastoma (3rGBM) Trial: A randomized care trial.
Patel, M; Au, K; Easaw, J C et al.
2022In Neuro-Chirurgie, 68 (3), p. 262-266
Article (Scientific journals)
Eccentric Exercise Causes Specific Adjustment in Pyruvate Oxidation by Mitochondria.
Hody, Stéphanie; Warren, Blair E; Votion, Dominique et al.
2022In Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
Article (Scientific journals)
Alterations in the inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus - a specific neural correlate of gender incongruence?
van Heesewijk, Jason; Steenwijk, Martijn D; Kreukels, Baudewijntje P C et al.
2022In Psychological Medicine, p. 1-10
Article (Scientific journals)
Activation of the sigma-1 receptor chaperone alleviates symptoms of Wolfram syndrome in preclinical models.
Crouzier, Lucie; Danese, Alberto; Yasui, Yuko et al.
2022In Science Translational Medicine, 14 (631), p. 3763
Article (Scientific journals)
The role of steroid hormones in the sexual differentiation of the human brain.
Bakker, Julie
2022In Journal of Neuroendocrinology, 34 (2), p. 13050
Article (Scientific journals)
THEM6-mediated reprogramming of lipid metabolism supports treatment resistance in prostate cancer.
Blomme, Arnaud ; Peter, Coralie; Mui, Ernest et al.
2022In EMBO Molecular Medicine, p. 14764
Article (Scientific journals)
Role of aromatase in distinct brain nuclei of the social behavior network in the expression of sexual behavior in male Japanese quail
Court, Lucas ; Balthazart, Jacques ; Ball, G.F. et al.
2022In Journal of Neuroendocrinology, 34, p. 13127
Article (Scientific journals)
Extracellular Vesicles Mediate Communication between Endothelial and Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells.
Fontaine, Marie ; Herkenne, Stéphanie ; Ek, Olivier et al.
2022In International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23 (1)
Article (Scientific journals)
A putative adverse outcome pathway network for disrupted female pubertal onset to improve testing and regulation of endocrine disrupting chemicals.
Franssen, Delphine ; Svingen, Terje; Lopez Rodriguez, David et al.
2022In Neuroendocrinology, 112 (2), p. 101-114
Article (Scientific journals)
The dural vascular plexus in subdural hematoma: Illustration through a case of dural arteriovenous fistula.
LEBEAU, Julie ; MOISE, Martin ; BONNET, Pierre et al.
2022In Surgical Neurology International, 13, p. 212
Article (Scientific journals)
Loss of function of the maternal membrane oestrogen receptor ERα alters expansion of trophoblast cells and impacts mouse fertility
Rusidze, Mariam; Faure, Mélanie ; Sicard, Pierre et al.
2022In Development, 149 (19), p. 200683
Article (Scientific journals)
Product inhibition of mammalian thiamine pyrophosphokinase is an important mechanism for maintaining thiamine diphosphate homeostasis
Sambon, Margaux; Pavlova, Oleksandra; Alhama-Riba, Judit et al.
2022In Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - General Subjects, 1866 (3), p. 130071
Article (Scientific journals)
Transcutaneous vagal nerve stimulation to treat disorders of consciousness: protocol for a double-blind randomized controlled trial
Vitello, Marie ; Briand, Marie-Michèle ; Ledoux, Didier et al.
2022In International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, 23 (2)