About us

Since its creation in 2009, research at the GIGA-Neurosciences focuses on the cellular and molecular underpinnings of the development and function of the central and peripheral nervous system.  In addition, the GIGA-Neurosciences investigates the different pathologies related to the nervous system. GIGA neuroscientists accomplish their research goals using a wide range of techniques, such as molecular biology, mouse transgenics, biochemistry, cell biology, anatomy, behavior, cellular imaging, and electrophysiological recordings.

The GIGA-Neurosciences has made important scientific contributions to the field of the sexual differentiation of the brain and behavior over the years. Consequently, the potentially detrimental effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals on the reproductive brain is also addressed at the GIGA-Neurosciences. Another strength of the GIGA Neurosciences is their expertise in neurophysiology with special focus on the role of various ionic channels in controlling the excitability of monoaminergic neurons. Furthermore, an important research line has been developed at the GIGA Neurosciences to determine how stem cell migration and invasion are controlled during the development of the nervous system and in a pathological condition like glioblastoma. Finally, the GIGA-Neurosciences also has a research line on Multiple Sclerosis (MS), aiming at deciphering the molecular mechanisms driving the differentiation of the precursors of myelinating cells from de CNS, the oligodendrocytes.

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